What we offer
Real estate opportunities and exclusive services for those who want to invest in Florida.



Our role is to scrupulously understand the needs and objectives of the Customer and to propose solutions, sharing and analyzing them pros and cons. This is especially true for Customers looking for investment to make income.
Listening to and proposing solutions (or disincentive those who have impossible dreams), exchanging opinions and reasoning, is our favorite job.

We also provide training / information advice to those who are not interested in our products. In this case counseling may consist of an opinion on a specific apartment or area, in an expert’s apartment, etc.

The condominium regulation must then be analyzed, as there may be “restrictions” on employability, access to animals, age that you need to be able to buy, etc … that may not be in line with your intent.

We are also available for translation and analysis of English-language documents.
With this premise, we also provide a number of esculsive packages for those who want to be supported at the highest levels and leave nothing to chance. In this regard, we have also created special solutions that allow us to travel together from Italy as we organize monthly travels in Italy / Miami; Alternatively, in some cases, we can wait for you at Miami Airport and accompany you with our car at the hotel, then meet us the next day and visit the property, which will have been selected for you with great care.

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For Miami Beach and Downtown properties, our availability is vast, we can also choose “real-time” as a unit to visit, during the first US meeting, accessing our database, rich in photos, floor plans and every detail . This will allow us to maximize the visitor’s visit.
We are particularly rooted in the area between Fort Lauderdale and North Palm Beach, where we normally offer exclusive deals and / or products owned by our Partner Company. In this case, we have the ability to reason with great elasticity and dynamism in every respect (price, definition of the advance, time to go to the rogue, etc.).
Also on Orlando and Tampa we usually have exclusive or non-existent offers in the Common American Market (MLS), being also these properties owned by our Partners.
Florida is our core business, but we are also operating with great opportunities in Ohio, with net earnings that exceed 11%.
Through our highly reliable International Partner, we are also able to offer investment in England with net income of around 10% -12% in hotels, students and healthcare facilities (see

In the USA, you can receive all our assistance also in Italian.

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If you buy a home and you want to earn it, you can also use the Property Management service through which one of our on-site Partners will handle 360 ​​° of your home , from the research of the tenant to the collection Rent, periodic inspection of the property, etc …
Many of our apartments have been rented and already run by a Management Company, so you will find everything ready.

The price of this service is on average 8-10% of the rental rate. The commission increases considerably (even 20-25%) for those who want to invest property in the short term rental market (eg weeks, weekends …) because of course the Property Manager in these cases has to work a lot more, Having to interfere continuously with different tenants. This is especially true for Miami South Beach, where you can get a great deal from short-term rentals such as weekends or the classic “week” rental, where permitted by condominium and town planning regulations.

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We do not only deal with real estate, but we can assist you with the opening of current accounts and companies; Our accountants and lawyers are then available for any specific advice you need.

We can then provide you with the best legal, tax and tax assistance through our Partner, a Historical Study of Proven Experience and Reliability with Headquarters in Miami, Genoa, Florence, Bologna and Udine.
In this case, you will also be fully assisted in Italian during each step of the rogue; Even for those who speak English well, you should realize that sometimes the technical jargon requires specific knowledge and therefore, especially for “important” purchases, we strongly recommend using this high level consultancy.
Our network of consultants also includes Legal Studies (including those specializing in “Immigration”) and US Accountants especially in the Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale area.

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BUSINESS: STARTUP AND SOCIAL CONSTITUTIONS provides advice to Italian / European clients interested in creating a start-up in Florida, beyond any real estate discourse.
The US market, if not appropriately known, can represent pitfalls and bitter surprises, so we always suggest a careful analysis before turning to top business in the area.
We offer a 360 ° support that initiates with a STUDY OF FATTIBILITY / PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS.
It begins in Italy and then works on the field in Florida, according to the following iter:

1) Preliminary meeting in Italy with ns. Dott. Alessandro Lonza and then, upon your arrival in Florida, with our technical staff ( in Italian or in English if foreign client); The meeting in Italy can take place at our offices in Milan, Rome or Trieste;

2) In -depth meeting in Fort Lauderdale with ns. US accountant for technical / tax aspects;

3) Visit to business premises, ie shops, restaurants, offices, gyms, etc … depending on the business you want to implement; The premises will be pre-selected for you based on the specifications you may have provided us with adequate advance over your visit (metric, budget, location, etc …);

4) Support at a local bank for the opening of a current account, if requested;

5) Final closing of works ;

6) Email within 10 working days of a final report.

If the preliminary analysis in this way has shown a favorable feasibility of the project, then an action plan will be proposed for the concretisation of the commercial initiative. The report will include costly, well defined costs, and chronoprogram for the project’s execution phase.
In this second phase, our consulting work may be as follows:

  • Find the best solutions for business premises (location and layout);
  • Bargaining the best contractual conditions for the lease, avoiding any vague clauses;
  • Coordinate a team of experienced artisans and professionals involved in the eventual restructuring and / or putting in place of the premises and follow the state and progress of the work, coordinating the execution and supervising the rule of art altogether;
  • Propose furnishings, colors, complements and layouts in line with local tastes / customs;
  • Handle bureaucratic practices with local authorities (permissions, licenses, relationships with City, County, Fire Brigade, etc …);
  • Providing support in the eventual search and selection of staff on site;
  • Conduct market research and analysis of the chosen area (type of resident / tourist, age, per capita income, etc …) that function to business;
  • Alongside marketing choices (promotions, local headlines, web and facebook communications, etc …).

We can then provide you with the best technical support for the design and implementation of the website and facebook page, with proper ad campaign management, google AD type, FB page promotion, groupon etc. … for a functional marketing / communication form, Which takes into account the uses and tastes of the local population (not just “copying” what would be done in Italy).


Regardless of the START-UP speech, we created “EASY BUSINESS USA”, the package for those who wanted to open a Florida company without having to take advantage of other consultations on our part. Through this service we deal with everything, ie create and register the company, provide domiciliation, manage the relationship with the accountant, assist you in the opening of bank accounts, etc …; Prices starting at $ 3,000.
For more details on the package, click: EASY BUSINESS .

PACKAGE “ABC USA … the first steps”

It is the counseling service designed for those who want to approach the hypothesis of a business and / or life future in Florida but is not yet ready to create a business and wants to minimize expenses.

The service includes:

Preliminary meeting in Fort Lauderdale with ns. Referent (speak Italian); Here you can ask questions of various nature, perhaps having prepared a list first;

Appointment to one of our TRADERS for your tax, corporate, etc. questions …. The appointment is done with the translation (if necessary) of our referent. The parcel of the professional is already paid to us and is included in the service ;

APPOINTMENT to one of our IMMIGRATION Specialist Advocates to get a preliminary advice from a US / USA legal practitioner on the visas and on the ways and requirements required to apply for them ( even here the parcel has already been paid and is part of the package ). Translation service is always present;

ASSISTANCE and accompanying at a bank for the opening of a current account (you must have a passport).

Prices and methods of payment on request.

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