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Collaboration can take place in 3 roles:


It is a person who has little time to devote to the initiative but for us it is FUNDAMENTAL to be rooted and to be able to count on a presence in the territory, so much so that we are interested in candidates in every city of Italy. It is the means by which to send the first meeting (not too technical) with the Client, in the cities where is not present with its offices; In short, it’s part of our … business card!
It is also the one who signals potential investors through knowledge, friends, etc …
We rely on a trusted reference that can represent our connection with the territory and that it can simply take a coffee with the interested parties who will contact us and deliver them a brochure + give the basic information “de visus”. The correspondent has nothing else to do; Ie it does not necessarily have to be promoted, marketed, etc …; It does not have to spend even one euro in any kind of business.
We therefore require very limited availability, in exchange for which we offer:

– basic information / training
– Promotional material to be delivered to the Customer
– Excellent commissions on each sale (which we will perfect) with people met / reported
– a highly incentive and incentive system.

The role may seem impractical but not trivial; Seriousness, reliability, punctuality and good education are absolutely indispensable.

Even for this form of collaboration, no entry fee is required, but the involvement of both us and the employee, and mutual economic satisfactions, as well as opportunities for growth and development, are different from the profile of the correspondent.
The Agent, even in his own interest, will dedicate at least part of his time to the initiator, of course in absolute autonomy and according to his time and will. You can start negotiating with the customer but will always have our telephone support and handy if need be. It therefore has a more proactive role than the profile seen earlier.
He is a CONSULTANT, not an assault vendor; They do not need aggressiveness and promising miracles, but clarity, transparency, analysis, and reasoning skills to identify the customer’s goals and focus the solutions.
As soon as you join the team, you will receive the WELCOME KIT, which consists of:

– Use of the brand
– Know-how
– Classroom training of at least 1 day
– Continuous assistance via email and phone
– Support marketing campaigns and commercial mailing
– Commissions and high premiums.

At any time, with the exclusive zone permitting, the flag may require upgrade to the role of Caseinflorida Point.
The availability of an office is a preferential title. The commissions are absolutely motivating; However, are discussed and defined in the Interviewing Hall after the mutual evaluation of the parties. Commissions are such as to enable the Agent to be able to organize himself with his network of subagents and reporters.


It is an important Partner with whom we want to share common growth and development goals in the medium to long term, with the serious aim of achieving ambitious results, sharing reasoning, reflections, ideas and concrete goals in a climate of frequent confrontations, Meetings, workshops.

What do you receive?

– Use of the brand
– Know-how
– Initial training + periodic updates
– Contracts and forms
– Continuous assistance via email and phone
– Support marketing campaigns and commercial mailing
– Business cards, brochures and gadgets to set up the corner
– Email box + custom stamp
– Advertising on the site with dedicated page
– Exclusive zone
– Very high commissions (inquiries)

Above all, however, it has great new business opportunities, which are unthinkable in the Italian market; We open the doors of America …

The entry fee for the Network is within reach.

The idea was born because it felt it was essential to develop an international business and to grow with Partners, sharing enormous opportunities. The Italian real estate market is in crisis, for obvious reasons, and investors often need foreign markets as a viable alternative.
The Florida American market, world-class, also favored by a stable and clear political system, with no surprises (IMU, IUC, TASI … and other Italian “rusticity”) and with good prospects, fully meets this need.
The ideal candidate simply has an office (even 20 sqm … does not need prestige, but just a place suitable for a business meeting); No showcases or business premises are needed. Judicial case request.
Point’s work consists in the development of its own area by contacting potential investors through direct marketing, mailing, creating events with parent company support, personal knowledge, etc.

For all roles, they are particularly welcome:

– financial and insurer promoters
– Accountants
– Real Estate Agents


In this business we believe very much and today we are just creating the bases for growing together in the years in a continuous and evolving relationship. We do not therefore want to waste time or losing it to aspiring employees who are not sufficiently motivated.

We are interested in evaluating collaborations especially on MILAN – PADOVA – ROMA – BOLOGNA – FIRENZE – GENOA – NAPLES.
Proposals from the rest of Italy are also welcome, given the encouraging feedback we receive especially from the South and Islands.

We also want 2 Master Agencies to develop Slovenia and Austria respectively (people must reside in the mentioned countries).